Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

This week has been fantastic because I had my mama with me to go shopping. Before her arrival I stopped by CVS and picked up more items for Daniel to take to military camp.

Total spent:$3.30

Total saved:$37.74

On Sunday, my mama and I shopped at Publix where we stocked up on free milk…woot…woot. My sweet mama is planning to make tons of crepes with meat and farmer’s cheese for us to enjoy. Plus Daniel sometimes drinks milk like it is going out of style…it is gone in 2 days. While at Publix we picked up several other items that were not so much on sale and I didn’t have coupons for them. But when my mama is here, coupons are not so important to me, because I want her trip to be enjoyable and filled with good food and tons of fruits. That’s why we picked up cherries from Publix and watermelon from Inlges (it was on sale for $3).

During our shopping trip we picked up free Pepsi for my mama and free nuts (I had free coupons for these items). We added Amy’s pizza and cheese to our cart for later enjoyment, when cooking is not on our mind.

Total spent:$51.86

Total saved:$35.48

I may not had the best savings this week, but it was by far the best shopping week because I had my mama by my side.

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  1. I agree. It's more important that your Mom enjoy her trip! But, good job on the saving because you still saved a good bit! :)
    Hope you're enjoying her visit.