Friday, July 2, 2010

No more stinky shoes

I married a man who loves to hunt. And he married a woman who loves football. One nice fall evening my husband asked me to come with him to his brother’s property to drop apples to help attract deer. After telling him “NO” a billion times, he finally talked me into going with him. It was dark outside and to be honest with you it was kind of scary…actually very scary!

When we arrived to our final destination I refused to go in to the woods to drop apples. I thought it was the dumbest idea considering deer can jump out and scare the bazookie out of us. Better yet I was really scared about the bears that reside in our area. Finally I decided to follow my husband’s brave steps. Half way through I decided that I really didn’t like poky trees and not being able to see what’s around me. Since I have the worst sense of direction going back to the car was not an option. So I followed my husband again. I know I must have annoyed him because I kept on asking him if he knew the way back to the car. Thankfully he knew what he was doing and all that required of me was to trust him.

Everything was going well until we had to cross a creek. Hmmmm….how were we going to cross it when there was nothing in front of us that can serve as a bridge. At one point my husband offered me a piggy back ride but imagining him slipping on a rock and both of us hitting cold creek water was not very appealing to me. The only option that we had was to walk in our snickers through the creek. Just for your information, the water was up to my ankles. Being uncomfortable while walking in squishy wet shoes was the least of my concerns. I was worried that my shoes were ruined.

When we finally came home and I vowed to never, ever again share my apples with the deer, I left my shoes on the porch to dry. Usually wet, stinky shoes create a very unpleasant odor. I didn’t do it then, but recently I learned a very valuable trick to eliminate shoe odor. Stuff the tennis shoes or any type of shoes with newspaper and let it sit for a day. Your stinky shoes will be odor free in no time and you will not have to spend money to replace them with new shoes any time soon.

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