Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hmmm...what can I use....

Have you ever went go grab an item lets say for example a coffee filter just to remember that you have used up the last one yesterday? I have to admit that I have been in that situation plenty of times. There are times that I feel like I need to start taking a memory pill because I forget things often. My husband tells me that I have a selective memory in that I remember only what I want to remember. Enough about my memory lets proceed with ways you can substitute much needed items.

1) Shaving cream
The very first time I used a razor without assistance of soap and water to shave my legs because I was running late, I paid a very high price for it. Well…let’s just say I paid for it 30 minutes after shaving when the red bumps covered my legs with what felt like fire. Now when I am in a hurry and do not have shaving cream around, I simply use hair conditioner that gives the same smooth feeling as a shaving cream.

2) Mascara
It is time to throw your mascara away, when you see yucky mascara clumps that make your eye lashes look like a spider web. I throw my mascara away and wonder what I can use on my eyelashes to look awake. The good news is Vaseline comes to the rescue! Dab a little bit of Vaseline on a tip of your finger and gently apply it to your eyelashes. Before you know your co-workers will be asking you for your face glowing tip!

3) Coffee Filters
Since I do not drink coffee I do not stress out too much over coffee filters; however my husband who is a big time coffee drinker cares a lot. If my memory serves me right, I have seen my mother in law use paper towels to align inside of a coffee filter, fill it up with coffee and press the on button to brew some good smelling coffee. She used this trick when we first moved to the mountains and they came to visit us. The day was saved, when all the family members (except for me) received their doze of caffeine.

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  1. I stumbled across you blog a couple weeks ago and must say I LOVE all your money saving tips! Another substitute for shaving cream is baby oil! I used to always use conditioner to shave my legs with then tried baby oil and it worked even better and left my legs very smooth! Hope you are having a great day!