Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I love freebies

My friends, I am about to share with you a topic that I am very passionate about. You want to take a guess? Fine, you are very close…it does have to do with coupons. Ok, let me just tell you. It has to do with acquiring free products and I am all about freebies. And yes, I have shared this topic before, but I am going to do it again…and again…and again until you will tell me that you are going to try it.

About a month ago I decided to conduct an experiment of using the principal of asking. My mom was coming from Belarus to see my family for 3 weeks. Well, I decided to e-mail all the restaurants in our areas asking for a coupon. The result??? Free food! I received the following coupons.

- 2 free whoppers from Burger King
- 2 free subs from Jersey Mikes
- $5 dollars gift card from Schlotzsky’s
- 4 coupons from Zaxby’s for a meal of my choice
- 2 Chick Fil A Sandwiches and 1 coupon for free chicken tenders (I actually asked managers of a restaurant for coupons)
- 2 free drinks of any choice and any size from Starbucks
- 2 free coupons from IHOP for free pancakes
- 2 free subs from Firehouse Subs

Next on the agenda was to wait on my mom’s arrival and e-mail some of the companies she liked. Of course, the avid coffee drinker that she is, we e-mailed coffee companies asking for coupons. The result??? We received two coupons for free bags of coffee and one company sent us a huge can of coffee for my mama to take back. Can you hear me singing “Oh Happy Day?”

We didn’t stop with coffee…we decided to e-mail Chef’s Requested. If you are not familiar with Chef’s Requested, the company sells steaks and oh very tasty steaks may I add. So one day we received a letter from the company with coupons. We opened the letter and almost fell out of our chairs. The company has sent us almost $100 worth of high value coupons. This translates in almost 20 packages of free steaks. Have I convinced you that e-mailing companies is worth your time? I sure hope so.

In a matter of a few minutes my mama and I took off to Ingles to buy a pack of steaks. The pack had 3 tender and juicy steaks. She cut the steaks lengthwise in half because they were thick enough. Then she beat them very good with meat tenderizer. After dipping the steaks in egg mixture and then flour, she fried them until golden crust formed. And let me just tell you, the steaks were wonderful!!! I ate two steaks right away and then two more a few hours later. No wonder I have gained at least 5 pounds during my mama’s stay.

My mama has always taught me to express my appreciation, so we decided to take a picture of my mama holding a pack of steaks and send the picture to the company. Since our letter had a business card of company’s VP, we also wrote a letter letting the gentleman know how much we appreciate his kindness.

I hope today you will take several minutes of your time to e-mail your favorite companies. If you need some help in starting, just read my older post here.

Please come back and let me know if you have any success with companies sending you coupons.

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  1. Girl, you are so inspiring! I am managing to get a lot of free books lately from various sources so that is good. I will have to try getting coupons and freebies of other stuff. I am so glad you had such a great visit with your sweet mama!