Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

I had my last week of shopping with my mama and it makes me sad just to think about it. Nevertheless we had a fun last week of shopping together. We stopped by Ingles and picked up meat that was reduced for quick sales. I was able to save around $10 on meat alone this week. I also had a coupon for a free Hershey pie, which I absolutely love…so I decided it was time to redeem the coupon. Since my mom and I were going to cook freezer meals…well, my mom was the one cooking it and I was the one sampling it, we picked up a few items that we needed.

CVS was our next stop, where once again I couldn’t pass up diapers. One day when we have a baby I would love to be able to not stress about how expensive the diapers are. Skin Effects lotion was on clearance so we bought it for my mama along with some other makeup items for her to take home with her. The best part because of ECB, coupons and a gift card from transferring prescription, we had no out of pocket expense…woot…woot!

Our final stop was at Wal Mart and Ingles again. At Wal-Mart we purchased chicken livers (my mom makes the best chicken livers in the world), flour and cherries. I also had a gift card, so no out of pocket expense there. And at Ingles we were thrilled to acquire a package of free steaks thanks to high value coupons that we received from Chef’s Requested.

Total spent: $25.48

Total saved: $118.89

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