Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where is this smell coming from?

As I have previously shared with you I buy several Sunday newspapers a week. Recently I came across a very useful tip on using a newspaper to eliminate trash odor. “Sign me up for that one!” I shouted with excitement as I grabbed a stack of newspaper to implement this useful trick.

There are times that it seems our trash can fills up in a matter of a minute, better yet a second. This means that on my way to work, I have to stop by a trash dump which most days I dread. If I don’t take out the trash you can guess that it creates a very unpleasant smell in our house. Since Daniel most mornings leaves before the trash dump opens, it leaves me to enjoy the trash odor as it quickly fills up my car.

Are you ready to hear the odor eliminating trick?! Drum roll, please… you need to align the bottom of your trash can with several sheets of newspaper. Then as usual insert the trash bag and voila the newspaper will absorb the smell. This is a great money saving tip that will allow you to utilize the newspaper and eliminate trash order!


  1. Very clever! Thanks for sharing that tip!

  2. I just experience the smelly trash can odor this weekend and was trying to figure out a way to alleviate it. Definitely going to start lining my trash can. Thanks!