Saturday, June 5, 2010


I had a pretty boring grocery shopping experience this week. Since we eat a lot of ground turkey at our home, I was able to stock up on meat for $0.99 a package (I must admit it kind of thrilled me to pay so little for meat). At Ingles I redeem some of the coupons that I had for free items since the expiration day was approaching. This means that I snatched slaw dressing and two bottles of flavored water for Free…woot…woot!!!

CVS was my next stop and I only bought 2 free bottles of body wash, several packages of baby wipes and paid $1 for BBQ sauce that I used to make BBQ meat…yummy in my tummy!

At Bi-Lo I snagged free French’s Worcestershire sauce and McCormick seasonings. I enjoyed sharing the sauce with my co-workers and using the seasoning for marinades. For baking I picked up butter, baking cocoa and cookies. Although this wasn’t the most exciting grocery shopping week ever, I guess it wasn’t too boring either.

Spent: $30.54

Saved: $61.84


  1. Absolutely amazing! How do you get all of the free stuff that you brought home this week? I'd love to bring home those kinds of deals!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit. I'm not so sure this Grandma is as energetic as it sounds. I just have a routine for certain activities for certain parts of the day. The girls won't get here until June 16, but I'll be taking pictures of the different fun things we do and I'll post them later on.

    Have a great weekend!