Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My time with mama

I am having a fantastic time with my mama! It would be absolutely amazing to have her around at all times!!!
                                                 (mama with Daniel after lunch)
She arrives with no problems on Saturday around midnight. I was anxiously waiting for her to walk through the gates, but was shocked when she called me and told me that she is waiting for me at a baggage claim. Quickly I rushed to the conveyer only to find a big crowd of people with no mama in sight. I asked the airport worker if there were any other places that passengers can pick up their bags and was pointed to the other side of the airport. For the next 20 minutes I lost 10 lbs by running from one side of the airport to another and still no sight of mama. My heart started to beat fast and for a moment I thought that she may have arrived to the wrong airport. Thankfully that was not the case and after asking another airport worker, I found out that there was a baggage claim on the first floor where indeed I found my mama.

                                                         (mama and bacon)

We were exhausted when we arrived home at 3:30am. The first thing my mama asked for was bacon. While she ate 6 pieces of bacon, I indulged in the world’s greatest cake. Ever since I was a little girl, my mama would always buy this cake for my Birthday and I haven’t found anything in the US that resembles the taste of this wonderfully delicious cake. During customs clearance her bag was opened and looked through and thankfully honey, flour, dried fish (I’ll explain about this one later) and cake was all in place.

                         (eating the best cake in the world at 3:30 am...as you can tell, i was tired)

After we ate a little, we went to bed. I was so unbelievably wiped out that I didn’t even hear my mom wake up in the morning (she woke me up with a knock). The next day we shopped from 10 am until 4 pm. The best part about having my mama around is all the laughs that she brings. In the morning she came down the stairs and asked why I had dishwasher detergent in her room. My mama thought it was a mouth wash and…well…gargled with it. Although we laughed for 5 minutes non stop, I felt bad because it burned her mouth.

                         (flying Carolina flag proudly after we beat Clemson in baseball)
While shopping a car passed us and honked. I realized that it was because I had a Carolina flag proudly displaying on my car (we beat Clemson just in case you are wondering) and the car that passed us had a flag too. Well my mama asked if we know the people who honked, so I had to explain to her about the college rivalry in the state. And let me just tell you one thing about myself…I love Carolina sports. My favorite is football and I can talk to you for hours about it. I joke that God has a sense of humor when we moved near Clemson, which is the territory of our rivals.

                                                       (out shopping with my mama)
When we finally arrived home, it started to rain and we found out that apparently while we were out, our area had a big storm. Our neighbors 3 trees were down and some of my tomato plants were broken. Before calling quits for the night, we went for a nice walk around the lake and watched two episodes of a sitcom in Russian. Daniel sat with us and even through he didn’t understand a word he was hearing, at least his sun burned back received scratching from me all while my head was receiving scratching from my mama.

                                                        (lunch at Zaxby's)
It has been amazingly wonderful to have my mama around. I urge you to stop whatever you are doing right now and tell your family and friends just how much you love and appreciate them! I will keep updating about my trip with my mama.


  1. How exciting. Say hello to your mom from your online friends!

  2. What a fun and sweet post! Glad you are having a good time with your mama. My mama lives just a mile away from me and I probably don't spend enough time with her. You have encouraged me to call her now.

    Yay for Carolina! We live in SC, too, and are big Gamecock fans, too!

  3. Oh I know what you mean! I am equally as close with my mom. I just love being with her and hanging out together. Glad you and your mom had a good visit! And sorry she gargled with dishwashing detergent :| Hope she is okay!

  4. Awww looks like you have been having fun! :)

    Go Gamecocks!!

  5. So glad she made it without any problems! I'm so happy that she's here with you! Tell her I sid hello! I still rock my t-shirt that you were wearing to pick her up in! It's SUPER soft! <3

  6. Oh, it just sounds like the BEST time EVER!! I have to admit I laughed out loud at the gargling incident. Sounds like you both have a great sense of humor. I feel full of thanks for my family as I read your post. Hug your mama for me.