Thursday, June 3, 2010

Saving money on tips

I love dinning out for many reasons. Reason number one is that I do not have to cook. Reason number two is that I do not have to worry about what to cook. And reason number three I do not have to wash dishes. However, one thing for sure I do not like about dinning out is the monetary cost of my stress free meal. Many Wednesday nights Daniel and I go out to eat before church. We live about 17 minutes from the church so going all the way home after work and trying to prepare a meal is not tome efficient, so we resort to dinning out somewhere quick and inexpensive.

When eating out we count it as a treat but still try to cut corners and save money when possible. As I have shared before, if we eat at our local Mexican restaurant I bring my own sour cream. Another way that we save money is by ordering a take out so we don’t have to pay for a tip. We don’t eat out anywhere too fancy; our meals are usually around $15 dollars. I know many of you may not like our money saving ways, but paying $5 dollar tip every time that we eat out adds up quickly. In fact in one month that adds up to $25 dollars and way over $250 dollars in a year just for tips.

Call me a tightwad but $250 is a lot of money to me. We don’t always take the approach of avoiding eating inside the restaurant, but some weeks I call before leaving work and place to go order of lets say Japanese food. I then pick up our food and meet Daniel at our local grocery store, which is practically across from the church that we attend. Our grocery store has a section of tables and chairs where we enjoy our dinner filled with fun conversations. Other times we eat in our car and make the best of it. So next time you considering dinning in, think if there is a fun tip free place that you can eat your food and you too can save over $250 dollars a year.


  1. You're so cute. These ideas are priceless. I may just try that next dinner out!

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