Friday, June 4, 2010

Free eggs = saving money...

My family loves eggs…well…let me be more specific. My husband loves eating eggs. There are times when I cook 4 scrambled eggs for Daniel for breakfast, which means that one dozen eggs in our household are gone in no time. I promise you, sometimes I wonder if it would be profitable for us to raise our own chickens for eggs. Oh, yeah…and while we at it, perhaps we can acquire a cow for milk.

Since the cost of eggs keeps going up, I was very happy the first time my co-worker shared a dozen of fresh eggs with me. I let my friend know how much my husband enjoyed the eggs and now she frequently brings eggs to share. Not too long ago she brought over two dozen of eggs, which meant that I did not have to buy eggs for at least two weeks. Her kindness of sharing the eggs saves us a lot of money and I am a firm believer that every dollar saved adds up to hundred of dollars in a period of one year.

Saving money thrills me and I am very grateful for my co-worker’s kindness in sharing free eggs with my family. As I transferred the eggs to the fridge an idea was born. Why not share the wealth with others which can help us all save money?! I have previously, thanks to coupons, bought a gazillion boxes of pasta, and I really mean a gazillion. Knowing that there was no way that we could eat it all, I brought extra boxes of pasta to work to share with my co-workers. In the same way, others bring herbs and vegetables that they grow in their gardens, eggs or cooking magazines to share. We all enjoy and appreciate each other’s kindness.

In the same way, you can start a group among your co-workers or neighbors to spread the kindness and help each other save money. If you are blessed with an amazing crop of tomatoes this year, bless someone else. Others in return may be blessed with coupon skills and bless you with several bottles of BBQ sauce. The most important part is to give with out expecting anything in return. Plus God’s Word says in Acts 20:35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.'


  1. Good job. You have a talent for saving $.

  2. Great idea.
    We go through eggs very quickly too--in waffles!