Friday, June 18, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

I had a rather boring grocery shopping week. In fact, I used very little coupons and spent quite a bit out of pocket. But sometimes it is good to take a break from couponing world. I made several trip to the grocery store this week and was too tired to take pictures and add up totals, so please forgive me. However, I did manager to document my Bi-Lo trip and CVS trip.

At Bi-Lo I stocked up on baby wipes, which were only $0.50 after sale and coupon. Since my husband is part of Army ROTC he often comes home with a camouflaged face and baby wipes seem to bring his face back to normal. Next on my list was Slim Jim. For some odd reason I thought that beef jerky and Slim Jim is the same thing, so I purchased quite a few cans just to learn that my husband is not a big fan of them. Oh, well, my daddy in Belarus would eat them without a problem.

The highlight of shopping at CVS was very cheap diapers. I was able to combine manufacturing coupon with store coupon paying a little over $3 for a pack. The rest of the items shown on the picture generated ECB, however I was so exhausted that I did two transactions, which means that I paid a lot more out of pocket.

Total spent: $31.82

Total saved: $79.76


  1. Okay...u must share the wealth on diaper savings...that's what I need the MOST!!! :-D

  2. Just found you via "Frugal Fridays" at Life as Mom. I'm really enjoying looking around your blog! God has blessed you as a wife, a writer and a saver.

  3. Excellent deals! Following from Meet & Greet Monday! :)

  4. awesome savings. I don't know if there is a rite aid near you but 2 of my local area rite aids had a diaper clearance 50% off last week. Don't know if they're still doing it. I got 2 mega packs of huggies for only $9 each. Anywho, i'm following you from meet and greet Monday. Stop by when you get a chance:

  5. Great deals! I love being frugal, and am enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing.