Thursday, June 24, 2010


Confession is good for a soul or so they say. Thus I must confess to you that I love eating sweets. If I could I would eat dessert with every meal, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) for me I married a health nut that avoids eating sugar. So when he does eat a spoonful of banana pudding or a bite of a cake, it is a big deal at our house.

I was surprised one day when Daniel looked through dessert menu at a restaurant and wanted for us to split a Tiramisu. If you are not familiar, Tiramisu is a light coffee dessert. Well, since I do not like the taste of coffee I was not very thrilled with his chose, but decided to go along since he almost never has a say so in dessert choosing department.

The dessert arrived! It looked good, but I was skeptical that it would actually taste good so I let Daniel have the first bite. He said that it was good, and put the spoon down. I had one bite, and then a second one, and then an eighth one…but was considered enough to let Daniel take the remainder (may be a bite or two) of what was left to work.

As much as I don’t like coffee taste, this dessert was heavenly. Seriously, it was amazing! I guess it would be nice of me to tell you which restaurant we were eating at…huh?! Occasionally for special events we enjoy driving to Macaroni Grill, which is about an hour away from our house.

After the night that I was introduced to Macaroni Grill’s Tiramisu, I have craved that dessert ever since. As you can imagine driving an hour for a dessert would be insane, so not too long ago my husband had to run errands near Macaroni Grill and I asked if he would stop by the restaurant and pick up Tiramisu, because I was craving it and was dreaming about it. By the way, I finally found a local source of Tiramisu.

My sweet Daniel brought the dessert back for me. Since he drove a motorcycle, the beautiful Tiramisu got smooshed. It didn’t look pretty, as you can see on the picture, but it still tasted wonderfully good! I ate and I ate and I ate until I could no longer expand. I did let my husband take one bite; after all he was the one who bought the dessert.

Anyhow, the point of me sharing this story with you is because I need your help. I want to know what is your favorite dessert. Perhaps I can try something new and change my favorite dessert, until then I am stuck on Tiramisu!


  1. Daniel is eating dessert now... GASP! You will have to tell him Suzanne is proud :o) And my favorite dessert for the summer is Jello cake. It's amazing!!

  2. My favorite dessert is also tiramisu! I don't eat sweets very often but tiramisu is my weakness. I think it comes straight from heaven to the plate.

    I've been on a quest for the best tiramisu in the country. Whenever I travel and see it on the menu of a local restaurant, I try it.

    I am very excited because I'm going to Providence, RI in the fall and have heard that Cafe Dolce Vita has the best in the country. It's only a few blocks from where I'll be staying which might be dangerous.