Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

Oh happy day…oh happy day!!! My mama is on her way to the US!!! As you are reading this I am either at the airport waiting to run up to her and give her the world’s biggest hug or she is already relaxing with me at our home hugged out (if such word exists).

Now let me share my excitement with grocery shopping this week. I had a blast looking for deals and utilizing my coupons. I first stopped at Bi-Lo and bought OJ (quite a few cartons) for my mama’s visit. Bi-Lo had an amazing sale and I had coupons to combine with the sale. I paid a little over a dollar for one carton of OJ. Bi-Lo also ran a great deal on cheese and since I had coupons I stocked up and I mean it, I bought 12 packs. I am really hoping that all the cheese will last us a while since my husband is the only cheese eater in our household. I left several packs of cheese out in the fridge and froze the rest…woot…woot.

At CVS I once again had to battle the addiction of buying cheap diapers. Seriously, how can I pass on paying $3 for a pack of huge diaper box that originally cost $23?! My conscious is not letting me, even though we don’t’ have children yet. I am also starting to get confused as to which stage of diapers sizes should I stock up on? Do children wear more of size 5 or size 3? Please help me! Your answer will be greatly appreciated, so I would know in a feature what size of diapers to buy.

Well, besides diapers I stocked up on beef jerky and some healthy snacks for my husband to take with him to the military camp in a few weeks. All the snacks cost me nothing, since I utilized extra care bucks.

Finally I stopped by Ingles with intentions of buying muffin liners. Ok…I need your help on this one too. I was SHOCKED when I saw a price tag on the muffin liners. I love baking muffins, but I absolutely hate cleaning the mess of leftover crumbs in the muffin tin. Any cheap suggestions? But I was doing a happy dance when I saw turkey bacon (natural/organic) on sale for $1.99, down from $5 dollars a pack. I picked up all 9 packs for my mama to eat when she comes and asked a meat dept. associate if he can reduce it further if I buy all that is on the shelf. He looked at me for a second and then told me that he can come down by $0.25 on each pack. To me a discount is a discount whether it is $1 off or $0.25. Needles to say, I paid $15.75 for 9 packs of all natural bacon and saved $45 dollars!!! After my shopping trip, I loaded my car with ice bags to keep the food cold and headed to church!

Total spent: $58.62
Total saved: $141.04


  1. The bacon purchase is impressive. I buy both their natural turkey bacon and organic pork bacon, but always pay $5. $1.74 is a bargain! I'll have to watch for that.

    It's all uncured though so make sure you use it pretty quickly once you open it. It'll go bad faster than regular cured bacon. I've wasted many packages by opening it for a couple slices and then forgetting it for a few days.

    Quick Tip: I usually cook the whole package when I open it and freeze whatever I don't need at that time. I just layer it in a big ziploc with freezer or waxed paper between so slices don't stick together. Individual slices reheat very well in the microwave from the freezer. It is a big time saver for weekday mornings when you want bacon for breakfast but don't want the hassle and mess. (It's also much cheaper than those pre-cooked boxes of bacon you can buy.)

  2. So happy to hear about your mother's visit!

    You got some really good deals while shopping. Please answer me this, though----Why don't you eat cheese?! Are you allergic to it or you don't like the taste of it or it doesn't fit into your diet? I happen to be quite fond of cheese so I'm just wondering :-)

  3. I have two children (ages 1 and 3) and it seems like size four diapers are the ones that they were in the longest. I think it's great that you are stocking up on diapers before you have kids- I wish I did that because I would have saved so much money!

  4. Great job! I was able to get 15 organic items for free this week.

  5. You can use wax paper to line your muffin tins. Cut strips or triangles of wax paper and place them on top of each other in the muffin tin. Do this until you have covered the entire "hole". It looks a bit like flower petals. Then pour your batter like you usually would. Hopefully this makes sense!

  6. Well, your children may never get to size 5 if they're tiny or trained early. I had a couple who were in 5 for a little bit and one who never seemed to get out of them. Depneds on the baby chub too :)
    Yay, your mom is coming soon!

  7. Wow great savings!! I had to snag those almost free diapers this week too! I have to say my girls never got to size 5 diapers. Although all kids are different I would say size 4 is the longest next to size 2!!

  8. My son got into size 4 at about 6 months and he is still in them at 15 months. So I would say 4 is the one to stock up on!

  9. Buy cloth diapers. Most of the good ones you can use from newborn to potty trained. You will save even MORE money. And it's better for the baby and environment.