Friday, June 25, 2010

Honey, how many cubes of eggs would you like?

Previously I have mentioned that my husband loves eggs. That man can eat two dozens of eggs in one week, which leaves me with the challenge of finding cheap eggs. I once have considered raising chickens on my own, but decided that I was too busy right now with work and school. Plus my husband thought the idea was crazy.

So you can only imagine my reaction, when Daniel called me one day from work and said… “Let’s get a goat!”

“A goat?!?! For what? Are you crazy!?” I answered thinking that my husband must be running a fever. Ok, so maybe he saw our down the mountain neighbor’s goats and wants a goat for a pet.

“Do you what to have a goat so we can have free goat milk or do you want to have a goat as a pet?” I questioned my husband’s intentions. “No, I want a goat so that it can eat our grass and I don’t have to mow it,” my husband answered me.

I couldn’t stop laughing at his remark and quickly told him that I believe he does a fine job of cutting our grass and we should leave it that way. Anyhow this story doesn’t really have to do anything with freezing eggs, but since we are on the topic of livestock, I thought it would be appropriate for me to share this silly story with you.

Now lets move on to the topic of freezing eggs. Right now we have about 5 dozen of eggs in our fridge thanks to my co-worker and Ingles’ great sale. Not too long ago I read an article on what you can and can’t freeze and was shocked to discover that you can freeze eggs. The idea of egg freezing experiment was born.

I cracked several eggs, stirred them up, poured liquid in to the ice cubes and stuck the tray in the freezer. After several hours, I removed cubed eggs and put them in a bag and back to the freezer.

A few days later I offered to make scrambled eggs for my husband to see if he could tell any difference in the frozen eggs and regular non frozen eggs. I did mix non frozen eggs with frozen ones.

The result…. He couldn’t. I now can safely stock up on eggs and freeze them in the ice cubes, so that later I can ask my husband, “Honey, how many cubes of eggs would you like for breakfast?”


  1. That is very interesting...we're eating LOADS of eggs as we're doing the South Beach Diet and protein doen't get much cheaper than eggs. I also stocked up on the Ingle's sale (I think it was $0.88/doz), but we discovered that eggs will keep for a LONG time in the fridge as well. We turn the boxes over every week or so (not sure why, but turning eggs over helps to keep them from going bad) and were eating them well past the exp. date. I've never thought of freezing them, but I might just have to try that one of these days! Thanks for the tip! (Visiting from Life as MOM)

  2. hey girlie! I gave you an "award" on my blog. :)

  3. Oxana,
    those look so appetizing! I should try that next time we have eggs.

    You inspire me.

  4. Thanks for the egg tip!

    I am enjoying your blog so much---I've added you to my favorites list on my blog, so I can keep up with all your new posts.

  5. great tip! by the way, is that livermush i see? so weird-we're in tx and my parents brought us some after a trip east last week (they always have to bring some back in a cooler for the whole family).

  6. What a great idea - we have a glut of eggs this time of year and this way we will still have some come winter when the hens are laying less. Thanks!

  7. Darrell,

    We LOVE livermush in our is so amazingly good! :)

  8. Egg Cubes! Love the idea. Wonder how the chickens feel about 'em!

  9. Eggs will stay fresh out on the counter for up to 3 months and in the refrigerator for 9 months or more.