Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bugs...oh how I do not like them

It has been fun watching our little garden grow. I anxiously check our squash plants for blooms every day, but thus far I have only seen big leaves. But it is ok; I must be patient and in time we will pick up the harvest. I can’t wait to make oven fried squash and I found a recipe for squash bread!!!

On the other hand, our tomato plants have been looking kind of puny.

I finally made the decision to take them outside for them to soak up the sun while giving them a good water bath. By the way I read in the article this week that you should water the plant’s base and not sprinkle it with water from the top like rain. Ooops…well noted, I will stop playing rain with our plants using sprinkler.

By the way in a day or so after I transferred the tomato plants outside, I noticed that our plants were back to normal… yay! Happy plant = happy me!!!

Now let me tell you about our strawberries. Hmm….where shall I begin. I am not a happy camper when it comes to birds that have been thoroughly enjoying the fruits of MY labor. Every time I would spot a big juicy strawberry I would get excited until I let it ripe. When I am ready to pick up my juicy strawberry, I find that something has eaten half of the berry. Really?! I mean, if you are going to eat my strawberry, might as well eat it all. Birds’ consideration of leaving half eaten berry on the plant has irritated me all week long. Finally I moved our hanging baskets, in which strawberries are planted, on the porch and was able to harvest 5 juicy strawberries. To be honest with you, I was disappointed because my strawberries didn’t taste as juicy as I was hoping they would taste…oh well.

Oh, by the way, birds were not the only ones enjoying my strawberries this week. Nasty red pests have also been eating the life out of the strawberries leaves. When I called our local nursery they told me that I can buy organic spray for $8 and be done with the bugs. However, I didn’t want to spend $8, so I turned to my friend, Jennifer, for help. She shared a bug killing recipe with me that did the trick. This is what you do:

3 parts vegetable oil
1 part water
several drops of liquid dish detergent
Add all the ingredients in to the spray bottle and start spraying the bugs away!

Now I just watch our garden grow and hope that soon we will be enjoying yummy veggies.


  1. Good tips about the bugs! If you transplant that tomato into a bit bigger pot, it will grow better as well. Nurseries can probably give you a big plastic pot for free (the kind that shrubs come in). What a difference putting it outside made already! The strawberries DO look amazing!

    As for the lovely comment you sent me, I am grateful to have found YOUR site :) You are so welcome for the encouragement and I'm happy to give it to someone who deserves it! Keep up the amazingly cool ideas.