Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Living simple

I once was asked sarcastically if my husband and I were hermits after it was revealed that we do not have internet, cable, long distant phone plan and cell phone reception at our house. My feelings were hurt initially as the sarcastic remark turned my face red in front of a small crowd, but I didn’t say anything and let the comment roll off my shoulders.

Sure, sometimes it would be nice to turn TV on and enjoy a Lifetime movie or sing along with American Idol contestants or watch same ole depressing news. However, we sure do not miss paying $70 dollars or however much it cost to have a dish with gazillion channels that we wouldn’t even have the time to watch. Because we do not have TV, the quite time around the house is spent on studying for school and spending time as a couple.

Together we also enjoy saving money on internet bill. Wonder how? Well, we don’t have internet. Because we live in the mountains our only options either to spend $25 dollars a month on a dial up service or $65 dollars a month on a satellite service. The money that is not spent on internet goes toward paying off our student loan. And to satisfy our cyber world craving, we use free internet service in the library or near by fast food restaurant. Although inconvenience of not having internet at home drives me crazy at time (my husband gets to hear me complain from time to time), we enjoy watching our student loan premiums go down monthly!

As far as not having a cell phone signal, well…that does not bother me at all. I get tickled when youth from church would come to our home and walk to every corner of the house raising their cell phones in the air with hopes of catching a signal to check their text messages. We don't use text messaging (saves money) plus our family and friends know to call our home phone number after 5 pm, so not having a cell phone signal is never an issue.

Living simple can be challenging at times, considering that we live in a material world. I would love to hear from you. What do you do to live simple?


  1. Gosh girl! I admire you so much. We don't do much to live simply... we have internet and cable (with DVR and extra channels). We have the full plans on our cell phones with tons of texting and minutes. However, we don't go out to eat much at all and when we do it is fast food with coupons. We try to cut corners other places with grocery limits and things like that. I do admire you though! Great job. If I didn't think I'd go crazy with boredom I'd cut the cable too. I just can't go without the internet. haha!

  2. I love how you live. Years ago my husband and I couldn't have done it but now... The Lord has been teaching us things over the past three years and we no longer live for certain t.v. shows. It amazed me how they'd be the centre of conversation with our friends... t.v. shows!!!
    Now, he watches only golf and hockey (in their seasons) and I don't watch t.v. at all. There's so much garbage on there. Someone told me to try imagining Jesus sitting beside me while I watched a particular show and if that made me feel uncomfortable... well, you get the picture. I have a cell phone because I'm on the road a lot with four kids but my plan is very basic. My husband is on his all day for work so he needs the bells and whistles. As for internet, well, we live in the city and it's no problem to have the package, however, there are some days I wish we didn't so that I wouldn't always gravitate toward it during the day. That's where the discipline comes in! Our kids don't have any video games and with all the research out there about them being so detrimental to their little brains, this is one choice we're happy with. Ah, simpolicity! Yes, there's something beautiful about it.