Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time…

Ok…so no jelly this time only peanut butter. The peanut butter jelly song was just stuck in my head today so I wanted to use the fun line. Anyways, moving on… my husband loves peanut butter. When we were dating he often ate peanut butter on bananas for dinner. He would tell me that he will continue to eat his peanut butter banana dinners when we get married and I would get upset. I was planning to be the next American chef and cook, cook, cook away. Now that we are married I beg my husband to eat peanut butter banana dinners in hope of having a break from cooking, but for some odd reason he changed his mind and would much rather eat home cooked dinners prepared by me.

One of Daniel’s favorite foods is peanut butter crackers. I found that it is much cheaper for me to assemble my own peanut butter crackers than purchase pre-packaged one. Since I am not brave enough to make my own crackers yet, I decided to try to make my own peanut butter.

I dusted off my tiny food processor and filled it up with roasted peanuts.
I pressed the button and loud noise reassured me that the process of grinding peanuts began. After a few minutes crumbly roasted peanuts started to stick together forming a mass. A while later that mass started to stick to the walls of food processor and at that point I added Blue Agave sweetener (you can add honey too) and pressed the noisy button again.

When my sticky peanut butter mass stopped turning, I took it out and formed a small ball with my hands. The peanut butter was a little bit crumbly, but it tasted good. I then used the peanut butter to assemble my own peanut butter crackers and enjoyed eating them with cold glass of milk. Yummy!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing about making your own peanut butter. I guess I'd never really thought about the price difference, but think next time we need peanut butter that I'll try your idea. We both love peanut butter.

  2. That's so cool! Who knew you could actually make peanut butter... I mean, obviously someone makes it... it just never occurred to me that it could be made at home!

  3. Cool! I'm going to have to try this!! :D