Friday, October 22, 2010

What to do with extra fruit

Sometimes I struggle to pass a good deal, especially when it comes to apples and bananas. At Ingles near my work, I often find good (almost green) bananas on manager’s special ($1.49 for a bag) and bags of apples for the same price. So I buy apples with hopes of making apple sauce and I buy bananas to make muffins, smoothies and to freeze the rest of later use.

This week I was planning to make apple sauce with several bags of apples that have been collecting dust in the fridge. Unfortunately I got so busy that I never made time for apple sauce this week, but will try again next week.

However, I was inspired to cook, so I used up a few bananas to make muffins for my hubby. He was a happy camper.

I also froze several bananas for later use and make a yummy peanut butter banana smoothie using a recipe that my reader recommended some time ago.

What do you do with cheap produce?

1 comment:

  1. OMG produce doesn't last in our house.

    My husband and my kids tear through it before I get a chance to think about it... lol...

    I bought YELLOW bananas the other day, and I told my hubs that they needed to be eaten or they'd be bread. (i don't eat bananas... yuck!) and he goes "thats okay too"

    They were gone in 2 days. No time to turn brown and become bread.

    You should go to she made a banana cake for her husbands birthday... it looked phenomenal!