Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Handy Dandy Kitchen Tools

Over the past year I have developed a passion for cooking! Growing up in Belarus we didn’t have the option of grabbing fast food or going out to eat to a nice restaurant, thus I always enjoyed my mama’s homemade cooking. Every single meal that she cooked always turned out delicious and recently I began to desire my mama’s talent for cooking. I am a true believer that some people are just gifted (like my mama) at making a perfect meal the first time they try a recipe, but for me it sometimes takes several attempts before it comes close to looking like the recipe picture.

But with my picky eater husband, cooking is not always easy. Sometimes my meals are a hit to him and sometimes they are a flop (he is always nice about my flops). So to make my cooking time less stressful especially since I work full time and go to school full time (1 more week left of classes…woot…woot), I rely on handy dandy tools.

I make pizza pretty often around our house, because I found the best recipe and my husband loves it. I make the dough for several batches and freeze it, just as I freeze shredded cooked chicken. So to make meal preparation quick, I let all my ingredients to unthaw and use my handy dandy pizza roller that prevents formation of bubbles on the dough. I used to rely on fork to get the job done and now I roll the pizza dough with holes poking roller and never have to worry about bubble!

My next favorite item is a meat tenderizer. Growing up my mama would make the world’s best pork chops (she still makes yummy ones) and her secret was always to tenderize the meat first. So when I came across this lovely tool several year ago, I had to purchase it and have been happy with my pork chop results every since. By the way, it is an amazing stress reliever also!

Finally I have to let you in on Misto. Because my “too healthy for his own good” husband does not like too much oil in his dishes, I bought an empty spray bottle to fill up with oil. I was very disappointed with the results, because my bottle didn’t spray it right. Then I read a review on Misto about a year ago and decided to try one for myself. My Misto came from Bed Bath and Beyond, because I had 20% coupon. And can I tell you that I love it! I never have to worry about pouring too much oil on a frying pan anymore.

Do you have a favorite kitchen tool?


  1. I could not live without my handy-dandy mini-chopper. Someone gave it to me at a kitchen shower before I got married 16 years ago and it is still chopping away perfectly after all this time. It's electric, like a tiny food-processor. I use it for carrots, onions, celery, peppers, eggs, cheese....everything!

  2. My Kitchenaid stand mixer.

    Its my favorite. EVER.

    I also like my pastry bag and tips.... it makes anything fancy!