Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

This week was fantastic in terms of grocery shopping! During the week I stopped by Ingles and picked up Chef’s Requested meat for $5.99 a pack. I had several $5 off coupons along with $3 off coupons, thus it made my meat super cheap. Bananas were on manager’s special, so I picked up a basket to make more muffins for Daniel and to freeze the rest for smoothies.

This weekend I traveled to Rock Hill to speak about the OCC, so I spent Saturday with my in-laws. On my way to Rock Hill I stopped by CVS, where I was thrilled to receive from the coupon machine $5 dollars off any Halloween item (X2). I picked up two candles ($4.99 each) and the sales associate told me that they qualify, since they were on Halloween decoration isle. I chose pumpkin scent! J

My mother in law and I stopped by Target, where I picked up 10 bottle of apple juice for Daniel. I divided my purchase in two transactions. I paid $8 + for first 5 bottle and received $5 gift card, then I paid $3+ for second transaction that included 5 more bottle of apple juice. I ended up paying $11+ for 10 bottles and still have $5 gift card to spend at a later time.

Since we don’t have Harris Teeter near my house, I stopped by the store and was thrilled to buy yogurt coated raisins for $0.60+ because Daniel loves to eat them. For some odd reason they are qualified healthy on his “no junk food” list.

At Bi-Lo I stocked up on Baby Ray BBQ sauce because it was on sale B1G1. I didn’t have a coupon but was happy to pay only $1+ for a bottle of our favorite sauce. I went a little overboard and picked up 10 bottles, because we will probably go through 10 bottles in several months.

On Sunday I made a stop again by CVS for free toothpaste and candy bars.

At Publix I snagged 2 packages of Burtolli pasta for $0.11 each!

Total spent: $70.05 (I felt good spending that much this week, because I haven’t been spending much in previous weeks J)

Total saved: $119.85


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