Monday, October 4, 2010

It is almost vacation time!

To celebrate my accomplishment of finishing MBA program in October, my husband and I made plans to go on vacation the weekend I after I finish my last class. At first we wanted to take a trip to Montana, because we thought that is would be a beautiful place to visit. For some reason I have been fascinated with picturesque view of rolling hills of Montana and country lifestyle. I can just close my eyes and picture passing beautiful farms on the way to the hotel.

Well, my eyes were quickly opened when I started to research the cost of staying at the hotel, airline tickets, car rental and on and on the list goes. Before you know our 5 days trip would cost up almost $1500. Oh boy! We sure were not planning to spend that much money, so we decided to talk it over our wants of going to Montana. Do we really want to spend that much money for 5 days of vacation? I don’t think so. Can we find a home for $1500 instead? Absolutely!

So instead of just scratching the idea of going on vacation all together, we decided to think of inexpensive ways to go somewhere where we could relax and spend quality time together. In a matter of a few days I approached Daniel and asked what he thought about going to Hilton Head for 5 days to visit my American family. Since Daniel has never visited my family’s new home, he welcomed the idea with thumbs up. My American mom has been inviting us to visit them for months and the timing now seemed perfect. The house, which looks like it just came from one of the HDTV shows, located near the beach so Daniel is super excited about going finishing. I look forward to spending my time reading books that have nothing to do with business. And both of us are looking forward to spending time with the family.

At the end, the only money that we would have to spend on this vacation would be for gas. We will have a great time relaxing all while spending treasured time with the family.

How do you save money on vacation?


  1. Congratulations on that Masters degree that is coming your way! That's wonderful!

    Your vacation sounds wonderful, too! I know you will enjoy yourself tremendously.

    I also wanted to tell you that I'm sorry I've not been by much this summer. My husband always puts out a huge garden and I have spent a lot of time canning...and also it was a wonderful summer to have time with our grandchildren. I should finish up the canning this week and then I'll be back in the routine of visiting my blog friends!

    Also wanted to tell you that slowly, but surely, I'm learning to adopt some of your wonderful tips on saving money through coupons and contacting my favorite restaurants, etc. for extra savings. I'm excited that Chili's sent me a coupon for a free brownie sundae for my birthday that is coming up!

    Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas that you share.

  2. Wow--earning an MBA is a wonderful reason to celebrate with a vacation! Congrats! I know you have worked very hard. Maybe you will get to read some books *just for fun*!

    How do we save money on a vacation? Easy---we don't go! This year we didn't take a summer vacation, after four years of "big" vacations. We were trying to save money and we did save money, but we were all a little grumpy about it. Next year, we're going somewhere. I'm going to start my frugal research now!