Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am ready for snow...I think

Growing up I dreaded winters, because the minute you look outside the ground was covered in snow. Sure, watching beautifully white snow glistening as soon as a ray of sunshine hits it is fun. However, after a short while walking in the snow to a near by bus station and waiting for the bus to arrive while it is freezing cold outside is not so fun.

After I moved to the US (south), I was shocked when schools were canceled at the sight of a first snowflake. I laughed out loud when I heard about people rushing to the grocery store to clear the shelves and stock up on bread and milk. I never understood why bread and milk. When I got married and moved to the mountains, I was kind of hoping that I would see snow more often, but I was wrong. Last year meteorologists promised snow in our area too many times to even bother counting. I came to conclusion that every time a grocery store would like to get rid of old inventory, all they have to do is ask a weather man to announce that it would snow. In a matter of one hour the shelves are in need of some serious restocking.

As soon as the shelves are empty, you know that the roads are clear too. Occasionally when it does snow, it takes time for the roads to be scraped and sprinkled with dirt/salt. So it is understandable why every single person stays home, when it actually snows. Safety must come first!

Talking about safety! Last year I learned that my car has anti break locks (I think that is what it called). While I was still at work, it started to snow. So I was very careful going up the mountain. I finally made it (almost made it) to the house. When I was getting ready to turn in to our driveway, I let my foot hit the breaks. Big mistake! I kept on pressing the breaks only to find myself freaking out because my car kept on going. The following thoughts ran through my mind, “I can either hit the ditch or Daniel’s car to help me stop…I guess the ditch would be better”. As I started to force my steering wheel to turn, my car finally stopped perpendicular to the incoming traffic. Thankfully we live way up the mountains and everyone was already at home sipping hot chocolate, so no cars on the roads.

I somehow managed to find my way to our house and park my car. Frantically I told my husband that my breaks need replacement because they were broke. He decided to take my car for a drive only to inform me later that my breaks were fine and it was the anti lock system that made me so scared. So much for warning me that I had the stupid system in my car that almost forced me to use the ditch as my stopping force.

My hope is that we will see snow this year and I learned the following trick just in case we will have so much snow that it would require Daniel (not me) to use the shovel to clear the driveway. In order to make snow shoveling an easy task, spray the shovel with cooking spray and the snow will fall off the shovel. How cool is that? Now I just have to sit and way for the weather man to make another promise that it would finally snow.

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  1. I love snow...but last year we had a LOT of snow A L L W I N T E R L O N G! You should check out some of the pictures from last winter on my blog.

    Wishing you snow this winter!