Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Real Stories from Real People

Judith purchased all the items for $7.18!
Total spent out of pocket: $53.63
Saved: $121.16
Extra savings received: $22.00

Guest Post by Judith Yopp

After college, I moved back in with my parents (I didn't have a job in college so I had very little savings). I worked for about 2 years and got engaged. We bought a house a few months later so we could have it ready for when we got married, which we did last March. I had been very impressed by Oxana's savings on Facebook and I started to follow her blog. I had been wanting to start couponing but just hadn't actually taken the time to do so during all the wedding planning (though I did plan a really awesome wedding and came in $2k under my $10k budget so I did start on the savings early!).

About 2 months into our marriage, I decided that I was ready to start saving some money after a few crazy grocery bills (and of course when I moved into the house I had to buy all the cleaning essentials and looking back I cannot believe I spent so much!). With my savings gone thanks to the down payment on our house and all of our bills, I thought "there's no reason we should be spending more than we need to on necessities. We want to be able to save some money for trips while we're young and child-free!"

Oxana had sent me an email with some great tips. I started to buy newspapers and to send emails to companies for coupons. I also started to follow which is one of my favorite savings sites, I have to check it at least 4 times a day when I can :o)

So about 4 months into it, I can honestly say that I have had so much fun couponing and seeing how much I can save! I donate some of the things I can get for free, give some away (diapers, wipes, and baby wash are great for baby showers!) and have a major stockpile on toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste, body wash, dish detergent, razors, etc. It's so much fun! And I know that if there comes a month where we are a little tight, we are covered!

I really see this hobby as a blessing and I know that if I stay faithful in my tithes and offerings to God, He will take care of us and make sure we have more than enough of the necessities as well as some left over for some activities the hubby and I can enjoy together!

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